What are the applications in Multi-touch Screens?

What are the applications in Multi-touch Screens?

One finger, one hand, two fingers, two hands, and many hands. This is the multi touch screen! , an interactive touch software environment for sharing. Read this article, it is about applications on multi-touch screens.

What is the Multi-touch?

Multi-touch or as they say in Spanish, multi-touch Greentouch. It is the name given to the human-device interaction technology and the hardware that implements it.

This technology consists of a touch screen or touchpad that simultaneously recognizes multiple points of contact. And the software related with it.

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Applications on multi-touch screens.

Since the advent of touch screen devices, applications have become much more dynamic than they already were.

As mentioned above, the interaction between person and device becomes closer. And what does it mean by this? Because having direct contact with what is being read, moved or spoken, the person feels a greater affinity to the content.

And it was obvious, don’t you think? The human being grows and knows things more in detail when he touches them. This in addition to creating a better experience for people, this perhaps should have derived from the nature of the human being.

Types of apps that can be developed.

In itself, there are endless applications on multi-touch screens that can be developed, and all kinds of apps. For example:

  • Educational
  • For museums
  • Health centers
  • Companies
  • Entertainment centers
  • Restaurants
  • Software for interactive exhibitions, among others.

Advantages of multi-touch screen applications.

These applications can include various adaptations that will give users a better experience. Among the most relevant are:

  • Images
  • Money
  • Icons
  • Menus

With this technology, your clients will be able to rotate, zoom, and close windows on a screen like never before. And it will allow you to upload your content in a simple directory structure and in standard formats.

If you want to surprise your customers and distinguish yourself from the competition, you can do it with applications on multi-touch screens!

New technologies open doors to do so, improve the management of your business and turn your facilities into places that offer unique experiences.

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Advantages of applications in Multi-touch screens for your business

  • Interaction and dialogue with the potential buyer.
  • A channel to transmit interesting and personalized messages.
  • Easy configuration and good quality of audio-visual messages.
  • Save waiting time when you need additional information.

A good way to transmit promotional messages while collecting personal information that will be added to the company’s database.

Creation of a starting point that will help the brand to retain the individual.

Thanks to the applications on the multi-touch screens, your client has the choice and configuration of the message in their power, which makes them live a unique experience. Would you like to create an application of this type?

If you have an idea and you don’t know how to carry it out, experts can help you. Since they are experts in software development and graphic design.

An expert team offers solutions that give real results, accompanied by a fresh and innovative design. Now you know! If you want to develop an application for multi-touch screens, contact the experts right now.